Knowledge University

VP for Students Affairs

2018-07-25 07:06:53

Mr. Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Mr. President of the University

Faculty members of the university

Our dear Students


It is a matter of pride and pleasure that the university presidency and the Board of trustees gave me the confidence to assume the position of Vice President for Student Affairs, which is a key to the importance of student affairs in university life. The university has three main pillars, the University presidency, faculty and students. The third pillar (students) acquires exceptional importance because both of the other pillars are found to secure the requirements for the best ways for students to gain access to the knowledge and know-how.


This confidence entails the responsibility and commitment in redoubling the effort to serve the university in realizing the ambitions it has requested in reaching the highest degrees of science and knowledge, to achieve this goal, it will be a priority to cultivate a sense of responsibility and commitment for the student and strengthen the bonds of love, giving and cooperation among students, in order to ensure a healthy and suitable environment that creates a healthy and honest relationship between students based on love and mutual respect. As well as creating a suitable conditions for the creation of students with knowledge and culture.

Also, working to create a democratic and healthy atmosphere between students and the teaching staff based on mutual respect in a classy and humane manner, and must create the appropriate conditions within the classrooms to facilitate the requirements of the delivery of science and knowledge between two pillars of the basic university, namely the student and the professor. To reach our goal we need to work on increasing activities, especially art, sports and theatre, with the establishment of scientific, sporting and artistic competitions in order to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and love among students and increase their mental activities.


And finally, we renew the covenant to work with all our efforts and abilities in order to raise the scientific and knowledge level of the students, and to create scientifically and academically qualified students to succeed in working life and benefit to the society, which is the primary goal and purpose for the university.

All love for the homeland and knowledge, The University of Knowledge remains the home of all