Knowledge University

VP for Scientific Affairs

2018-07-25 07:13:41

Office of Vice President for Scientific Affairs

The office of vice president for scientific affairs at Knowledge University represents one of the important offices of the university. This office plays an important role in monitoring and evaluating the academic and scientific affairs of the university. It reports directly to the office of the president of the university.


 This office oversees all the academic and scientific activities at the university which includes:

1.   Overseeing the development and update of the entire curriculum in all the departments of the university. This task is carried out through specialized committees which consist of internal and external experts in each field of study.

2.   Overseeing the development of the annual scientific plans through the scientific committees in the colleges and then help with the implementation of the plans.

3.   Helping in upgrading the academic staff profile of the university and developing the staff capabilities through a robust hiring and training program.

4.   Help to achieve all the benchmarks required to achieve higher national and international ranking for the university in coordination with the office of quality assurance.

5.   Coordinate and arrange for the academic and scientific activities such as conferences, workshops, training courses, seminars, etc.

6.   Help in the development and operation of the science labs, university library, the research center, and the IT division of the university.


In this office we believe firmly that through hard work we can achieve the goal of making Knowledge University one of the most prestigious and a high standard university in science and technology not just in Kurdistan region but also in Iraq, Middle East, and the entire world .


Dr. Abdulqadir Ismail Abdullah

Acting Vice President for Scientific Affairs

Knowledge University