Knowledge University

University Presidency

2018-07-09 12:44:25

Dear students, colleagues, teaching and administrative staff of Knowledge University.


Iam delighted to welcome all of you, and incredibly proud of you and what you have achieved . Heart- felt appreciation is extended to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of our beloved region and the members of board of trustees for granting me the confidence to chair this university.

Knowledge University, since its inception, has put forth a great deal of efforts to contribute and influence the higher education sector both at national and international levels through active participation in developmental projects to tackle all the challenges that our society has been facing.

This appeared clearly that all the previous presidents hand in hand with their vice presidents exerted ultimate efforts to be a part of this outstanding achievement.

Dear colleagues, Knowledge University is reckoned one of the academic pillars and scientific institutions in the region. So, there should be a clear vision with which all the parties of local society are able to participate by their vigilant opinions and creative ideas to draw an obvious roadmap for achieving the goals.

All of us have noticed that the mission of our university is not restricted to education and scientific research only, but it extends to sincerely serve the society and the environment.

To realize the scientific goals and the academic objectives, the staff of the university try by all means to modernize and develop its infrastructure and the academically oriented research programs. Knowledge University adopts local and international meticulous policies to establish an actively administrative system which is able to cope with technological changes supporting the students’ activities and initiatives inside and outside university for satisfying the needs of society institutions.

Finally, we will all do our best to elevate the scientific rank university position among the competing universities in the region.



     Prof.Dr. Talib Khalil Ibrahim Hamawandi

                   President of University 

May / 2019