Knowledge University

University Presidency

2018-07-09 10:44:25

In the name of Allah,

Dear teaching staff, employees and students of Knowledge University

I feel honored and privileged to have taken the responsibility of being the president of Knowledge University (KNU)(formerly known as –Hayat University) since 1st of March 2017.I would like to extend my gratitude to the new university Board of Trustees for granting me this opportunity to take up this great academic and administrative position at such critical time of the country , the region and the university. I would also like to thank the staff of the ministry of higher education and scientific research for their support and collaboration. We pledge to be sincere, truthful and serious in work and abide by the rules and regulations of the ministry.

Nothing is impossible if there is will of working together and have short-term, medium-term and long-terms plans, full support and trust. I clearly see all these factors here in this university. Seeing the teams who work together, I am very optimistic about the future of our university.

I acknowledge that the previous president and team has done their best to serve the university , any success or failure in the past or in future is /will not be the responsibility of one single individual but the whole team.

As an academic and education institution, the university must have a strong scientific, administrative and financial system in order to cultivate the teaching staff, employees and students with this system and then become part of the community and humanity. Therefore, our priority would be revising and establishing a rigid system for scientific, administrative and financial affairs that ensures justice and explains the responsibilities and rights of everyone, provides a suitable productive working environment.

We will attempt to make use of all the academic, scientific and administrative university potentials to work as one family and active team for putting the university back on its right track to provide the best academic and scientific services to the students and Kurdistani community.

We would like to ensure you that we will do our best to promote the university rank scientifically, academically and administratively through enhancing and capacity building of the teaching staff, curriculum development ,paying attention to the scientific laboratories and practical lessons and modules; joint projects with other universities , educational and academic institutions and organizations and signing MOU with them ; joint international and national conferences ,workshops and symposiums; publishing academic specialized journals. We would also pledge to work for the benefit and interest students and their families and take their conditions into consideration, motivating and preparing them for labor market and supporting them to find suitable jobs after their graduation in coordination with ministries and companies and private sector. We will also focus on various student activities such as sports, arts, cultural, environmental and social activities and projects along with having a magazine/newsletter and exhibitions.

On the other hand, we would like to give another meaning to private universities in the country through paying due attention to sense of responsibility, affiliation to university, society and homeland. These all could be achieved through volunteer activities, team work and various other projects to link the university with the society.

Our long term plan and objective would be introducing our university to international bodies and centers and working for gaining membership in the international and regional university associations so that university graduates and alumni would be able to join further study all over the world. Another long term objective would be getting accreditation for our study programs.

Finally, I would to thank you for all your support and contribution in the working teams at the university. We would like to ensure you that our communication channels are always open and accessible. Be sure that we will meet you soon in close and listen to your problems, ideas, opinions, criticisms and suggestions for further development.

May God keep our flag and grant us useful knowledge.

Prof.Dr.Himdad A. Muhammad