Knowledge University

Research Center

2018-07-09 12:30:52

Knowledge Center for Research and Strategic Studies was established in 2017. The aim of this center is to develop scientific research, and it also endeavours to create a group of experts and academics from different fields of expertise to further enhance the number and quality of research to a level equivalent to those done in developed countries.


It is highly apparent that the percentage of those diagnosed with cancer is exceedingly increasing across the world generally and in the Kurdistan Region specifically. As a result, our center opened up (Knowledge University Center for Cancer Research), and it is currently the first and only center related to the cancer studies in the Kurdistan Region. For this purpose, our center depending on advanced instruments and sophisticated laboratories tries to find out quick treatments for this fatal disease in our country.

The Knowledge University Center for Cancer Research will try to perform the following studies:


1. Molecular mechanism of apoptosis and angiogenesis in breast and colorectal cancer Kurdish patients.

2. Treatment of breast and colorectal cancer via green nanoparticles.

3. Detection of the biomarkers, ROS and NOS levels in breast and colorectal cancer patients.