Knowledge University


2018-07-09 12:47:38

Registrar’s Office

Knowledge University (KNU) Registrar’s Office provides several services to our students, faculty, and staff. We try to provide the most recent, up-to-date information and are here to assist you all.

About the Registrar’s Office

Our office is responsible for registration, support and maintenance of student records, including:

1.     Admission

2.     Communication

3.     Student employment

4.     Student Information System

5.     Grade reporting

Registrar’s Office is the central administrative unit working in co-operation with faculties and departments to prepare student data, and submit this data to Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.



Students will be accepted according to the rules below:

Knowledge University accepts students according to the rules affirmed by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. If any changes in the rules of the Ministry, the new rules are valid.

During the application, students fill in a form and can select three of the departments on this form. The students will be placed according to their selection order.

Students who are registered to another university have to withdraw their application form that university in order to register Knowledge University.

The students who fill up the application form must have the following conditions:

The students must have a high school diploma which is approved by the General Directorate of Education.

The international students must have certificate of equality/accreditation from the Ministry of Education.

Students working in governmental offices are not accepted if they don’t provide permission letter from their offices.

The application forms have to be approved by high schools and General Directorate of Education.