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2018-07-09 12:47:33


Knowledge University library was established in 2009, the mandate of implementing and maintaining international standards and high quality service for all users, strongly support the delivery of courses through their services and resources.
Today, under the guidance of the university administration, our library is directed by professionally trained team librarians. It is open twelve hours a day during semester time (eight hours a day outside the classroom) to enable all students, faculty, staff and visitors to have a greater access to library resources.



Knowledge University library with modern view welcomes new students with new materials that are up-to-date. Knowledge University Library contains materials to meet studying needs and to increase the capacity for 8000 titles of books and other materials. It also affords hard copy materials to 15000 books as a PDF, and soon the catalog of library books will be available on the library’s link on the Knowledge University website.
Materials can be obtained in English, Kurdish, and Arabic languages helping our students find more and various sources for their studies. The library administration has been searching for global library organizations and tries to make membership with them to be able to bring more materials to Knowledge University library.
Our library also accepts gifts and donations. The persons willing to donate any material to the library shall submit it to the library manager. After checking the relevance of the donation, the manager puts it under the appropriate collection of the library.



1.     Providing sources of information necessary for faculty members, students and workers, as well as local community.

2.     Organizing information sources and arranging them so they can be stored and retrieved to take advantage from with less effort.

3.     Borrowing library materials to beneficiaries and provide places for reading

4.     Answer questions and inquiries received by the library, whether they are internal or from outside the academy.

5.     Contribute in developing and supporting libraries in through gifting, exchange information and cooperation with other libraries.

6.     Contribute in serving the local community by organizing lectures and seminars.

7.     Introducing the library and instruct beneficiaries to places of sources of information and how to use the library.

8.     Developing skills and abilities of workers in the library through making them involved with training courses, seminars and workshops.



We operate two types of the opening of the library service – semester, and not semester.
Semester hours – 9:00 to 20:00 from Saturday to Wednesday
Not semester Hours – 9:00 to 16:00 from Saturday to Wednesday
We are also ready for any question or inquiry to all members of the community in general, and to respond any reference inquiries.
You can contact us for more details (3rd floor, Knowledge University Library).

English Book resources of Knowledge University

Arabic Book resources of Knowledge University