Knowledge University


2018-07-09 10:31:47

Knowledge University is launching a new journal with Karger Publisher under the title (Molecular Biomedical Research). The aim of this journal is to enhance research in Molecular biology, environmental sciences, biochemistry, biophysics and biomedical sciences through the publication of high-quality articles that describe significant and novel works; and advance knowledge in biomedicine fields. Target readers and authors are researchers from the mentioned fields, besides physicians and pharmacologists.

Although, there are a number of similar journals related to biomedicine. But, because of the size of the research community in the field rapidly in growth, the number of researchers and the number of article in relevant field increase continuously. Therefore, we think there is not enough coverage from international or local journals about this field, especially the middle east and Iraq are suffering from a huge number of lethal diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases…etc. Moreover, this journal will respond to a significant gap in the existing provision of academic journals in the field of biomedicine.


The advantage of this journal due to its interest in enhancing the researchers in the field of biomedicine to explore the mechanisms, finding treatments of diseases and publishing their results. Therefore, we will try to compete the international journals, generate the high-quality contributions and collecting the global audience or researchers from biology to medicine.