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2018-07-09 12:47:45


Job Vacancies in Knowledge University


Knowledge university needs full-time lecturers in the below areas (fields), the candidates must hold PhD degree or Master degree plus three years of teaching experience and must hold Academic Title (اللقب العلمي).

A- Needed vacancies for Financial and Administration college

1.     ژمێریاری (محاسبة Accounting ) 

2.     كارگێری كار (أدارة اعمال Administration)

3.     دارایی و بانك(المالية و البنوك Banking and Finance)


B- Needed vacancies for Art College

1.     ئه‌ده‌بی ئینگلیزی (English Literature)

2.     زمانی ئینگلیزی (English Language (Linguistics))


C-  Needed Vacancies for Engineering college

1.           Petroleum Engineering/ Pet Reservoir Engineering

2.           Petroleum Engineering/ Pet Drilling Engineering

3.           Petroleum Engineering/ Pet Production Engineering

4.           Computer Engineering



D- Needed Vacancies for Law college

1.     یاسای تایبه‌ت (القانون الخاص) 

2.     یاسای گشتی (القانون العام)

3.     یاسای جنائي (القانون الجنائي)

4.     په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ نێوده‌وله‌تیه‌كان (العلاقات الدولية)


E-  Needed Vacancies for Science college

1.    Biochemistry

2.    Anatomy / Physiology

3.    Instrumental analysis

4.    Hematology

5.    Immunology / Clinical hematology

6.    Bacteriology

7.    Pharmacology

8.    Virology

9.    Histology

10. Parasitology

11. Microbiology / Molecular biology

12. Computer science


For submitting, please download the job application form below and fill it, then send the following:

1-   CV

2-   Job Application form

3-   Academic Certificates

4-   Academic Title (اللقب العلمي)

5-   Certificate of Teaching methods course (طرائق تدريس)

6-   English Language certificates

Download Job Application Form

Please send all the above requirements to this email: ( ) , write the job title that you are submitting for when sending the email.

The deadline is: 30th of May. 2019




Job Opportunity at Knowledge University

Position: IT Assistant/Programmer 

Download Job Requirement 

Please send CV to this email: ( ) , write the job title that you are submitting for when sending the email.