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2018-07-09 10:47:45


Job Vacancies in Knowledge University


Knowledge university needs full-time lecturers in the below areas (fields), the candidates must hold PhD degree or Master degree plus three years of teaching experience and must hold Academic Title (اللقب العلمي).

A- Needed vacancies for Financial and Administration college

1.     ژمێریاری (محاسبة Accounting ) 

2.     كارگێری كار (أدارة اعمال Administration)

3.     دارایی و بانك(المالية و البنوك Banking and Finance)


B- Needed vacancies for Art College

1.     ئه‌ده‌بی ئینگلیزی (English Literature)

2.     زمانی ئینگلیزی (English Language (Linguistics))


C-  Needed Vacancies for Engineering college

1.           Petroleum Engineering/ Pet Reservoir Engineering

2.           Petroleum Engineering/ Pet Drilling Engineering

3.           Petroleum Engineering/ Pet Production Engineering

4.           Computer Engineering



D- Needed Vacancies for Law college

1.     یاسای تایبه‌ت (القانون الخاص) 

2.     یاسای گشتی (القانون العام)

3.     یاسای جنائي (القانون الجنائي)

4.     په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ نێوده‌وله‌تیه‌كان (العلاقات الدولية)


E-  Needed Vacancies for Science college

1.    Biochemistry

2.    Anatomy / Physiology

3.    Instrumental analysis

4.    Hematology

5.    Immunology / Clinical hematology

6.    Bacteriology

7.    Pharmacology

8.    Virology

9.    Histology

10. Parasitology

11. Microbiology / Molecular biology

12. Computer science

13. Chemistry

14. Biology or pathological analysis

15. Medical Physics


For submitting, please download the job application form below and fill it, then send the following:

1-   CV

2-   Job Application form

3-   Academic Certificates

4-   Academic Title (اللقب العلمي)

5-   Certificate of Teaching methods course (طرائق تدريس)

6-   English Language certificates

Download Job Application Form

Please send all the above requirements to this email: ( [email protected] ) , write the job title that you are submitting for when sending the email.

The deadline is: 28th of Feb. 2019