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International Relations

2018-07-09 12:46:29


The Department of International Relations was established by Ministerial Order
No. 4/10435 on 29/5/2014, issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Kurdistan Region, to form an important pillar of the Faculty of Law,

Including a specialized elite at the level of teaching staff, as well as selected students eager to collect and analyze everything that is related to the specialization of political science in general, and international relations in particular, in the hope of comprehensive coverage of the inputs of specialization which contributes to the society in the future as a qualitative output, enhances the breadth of specialized knowledge in the areas of politics, because represent the importance of devoting the most expertise and efforts in this area to provide benefit to society.

First: Vision of the Department of International Relations:

The Department of International Relations is looking forward to a privileged position between the departments and universities of Iraq, in the hope of opening a new staff that will provide the society with all the modern creative ideas, to broaden the perception of sustainable development in both society and the country.

Second: Message of the Department of International Relations: 

1- The Department of International Relations seeks to be sincere in making itself the scientific resort that the scholars seek, in ways that are discreet and distinguished in the dissemination of scientific knowledge, to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of scientific modernity.

2 - Prepare the student objectively and scientifically, to provide the community with a personality of a useful effort, to open a new energy to the cognitive and professional performance, to advance the progress of the country forward.

3 - Instilling the spirit of scientific knowledge, and the desire of acquiring academic experience, which contributes to the strengthening and broadening the perceptions of students and researchers, in the direction that puts the service of the country and the prosperity of the community to prioritize.


Third: Strategic Objectives of the Department of International Relations: 

Based on its vision and mission, the Department of International Relations looks forward to achieving the following strategic objectives:

1- Develop the student's scientific and cognitive capabilities, and restructure it to be the person who is able to work in various fields, and thereby contribute to bridging any gap that the society may suffer from.

2. Development of educational programs and re-engineering according to modern technologies, to be more consistent with the realities of scientific modernity in the era of speed and the digital world.

3. Improve the progress of scientific and cognitive performance, and contribute to the provision of the society with the kind of citizen not the quantum, to make the graduates of the College able to provide that useful effort, which remains its impact in society.

4. To strengthen the scientific and cultural-civilizational links between the Iraqi scientific edifices and thereby contribute to the deepening of scientific cooperation in various fields, within the strategy of establishing a scientific hypothesis capable of raising the level of response to the challenges facing the society, so that these sensors that senses the vulnerabilities, to enable treatment, and to bridge penetration outlets.

Fields of employment of graduates of the Department of International Relations:

There are numerous and cross-cutting areas in which the graduates of the Department of International Relations are waiting, given the remarkable number of distances within which they are taught, which include the political, economic, and military and security fields, and the local and international media.

In general, however three major pathways that form the outputs of the Department of International Relations in general, as follows: 

The Diplomatic Sector: Political and consular Sector includes the Foreign Service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. The diplomatic and advisory staff serves a number of foreign jobs. These represent the interests of the citizens of this country residing in the foreign country and support their cooperation with the international community.

Field Sector: political analysis and its overall comprehensiveness, its media, security and military fields, and even those related to the areas of political sociology.

Scientific Sector: Completion of postgraduate specialized studies, which qualifies the holder of the certificate to be among the teaching staff of the department at any university included.