Knowledge University

Health and Safety

2018-07-09 10:48:05

One of the objectives of Knowledge University is taking care of the health and safety of all the students, teachers and staff. This service is going to be delivered by the directorate of health and safety of the university with the support of all the health and safety chambers throughout the university’s entire colleges. This directorate’s main duty is to establish a healthy and safe environment in all the official buildings, colleges, institutes, dormitories, laboratories, lecture halls, gardens, workshops, deanery offices and departments’ head offices belonging to Knowledge University. The students, the teachers, and the staff’s health and safety are considered important to our university.

The directorate of health and safety is trying to protect all the students and the staff before and after any serious accidents by providing different services. Inspecting and displaying the college and institutes’ building problems and deficiencies with regards of health and safety aspects. Also health and safety awareness seminars and talks are regularly presented in order to provide a safe and healthy environment. Furthermore, opening different training courses such as: First aid, fire extinguishing and how to work in the labs belonging to the university).

The Directorate of health and safety’s objectives are:

• Attaining a healthy environment

• Providing any safety and protection gears for the staff to stop any dangerous accidents.