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2018-07-09 12:45:22



Department of Environmental Engineering has been established in (2013-2014) to develop scientific knowledge and elevate the professional characters and engineers throughout Kurdistan. The Department programs work for preparing engineers whom are professionally motivated and committed to achieve all the required objectives to work in environment. This department consist of four academic years of study, and each academic year is approximately thirty weeks that is taught in English Language. One graduation requirement is to achieve 146 credit units. The department has one course of graduates. The total number of students for all stages is 46 students, 24 of which are males and 22 females.




The Environmental Engineering Department provides an educational, professional, and intellectual experience that enables a diverse body of students, alumni, faculty, and staff to contribute to society through teaching, research, practice, and service.



The Department of Environmental Engineering will provide unique educational and research opportunities for students and faculty that promote fundamental understanding of our disciplines while providing a strong foundation to adapt to future change and improve the condition of humanity.


 Environmental Engineering syllabus