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Department Description

 Department of English has been established in (2013-2014) to develop Literary and Linguistic knowledge and elevate the professionals, literary men, and Linguists throughout Iraq. It delivers courses leading to B.A. Degree. The Department programs work for preparing Linguists and Literary Men whom are professionally motivated and committed to achieve all the required objectives. This department consists of four academic years of study, and each academic year is approximately thirty weeks which are divided by two study courses that is taught in English Language. The teaching strategies cover teaching sessions and students centered course works. One of the requirements of graduation is fulfilling 145 credit units.



 English Department provides academic services, including lectures, seminars, workshops and academic assistance to its students. It gives students an understanding of and appreciation for the English language and develops the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in addition to persuasion, argumentation, critical thinking, translation, research writing, IT, communication and teaching. The Department also aims at acquainting its students to some extent with the culture, tradition and history as well as social and ethical values. Moreover, it offers opportunities to explore identity, values, manners and morals; it enhances students' exploration of gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity through the study of literature and language. Furthermore, it helps students build the knowledge of the content, methods of literary studies and relevant and electives courses within a well-structured framework. The department helps to build and sustain an atmosphere of inquiry, integrity, engagement, curiosity, and creativity among students, staff, and faculty. It also prepares Self-regulating autonomous learners and good citizens to become active members in the community.



English department seeks to serve as a center for academic excellence, contextual research in English Studies and to provide leadership at all levels. The department wishes to ensure student success, professionalism, interdisciplinary study, innovation, freedom of individuals and of thought, integrity, including honesty, transparency, and accountability.

English Department aims to prepare individuals with different career objectives. It prepares researchers and critical thinkers in the fields of linguistics and literature as a preliminary step to join the postgraduate study program in the department for the degree of Master of Arts in English Language or Linguistics. It also prepares teachers of English for Intermediate and High Schools to serve the private sector in the region, as well as translators and interpreters to work in the various governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations. English department providesopportunities for students to display their English competence and abilities in journalism.


English Department Syllabus


 Learning outcomes

English Department Graduates will:

·        be critical thinkers on issues of language and literature,

·        demonstrate an ability to work within the accepted disciplinary conventions of writing about literature, including responsible use of research,

·        practice self and peer-assessment of their skills through tasks and assignments given to them

·        develop skills in identifying and analyzing phonological, morphological, lexical, and syntactic structures of English,

·        demonstrate the ability to analyze authentic language corpora (literary and non-literary) from a linguistic perspective,

·        be able to correctly use the vocabulary they studied in different context,

·        develop their level of communication in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing,

·        be acquainted with English culture and history

·        be equipped with the necessary research and IT skills and use critical thinking techniques to become long-term learners after their graduation,

·   promote the Ethical side and spread up the spirit of forgiveness and committing to the ethics of the human interaction flexibility, in addition to citizenship and national belongingness


Needs analysis

English Department students need communication skills which can be developed through enhancing the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, in addition to persuasion, argumentation and critical thinking skills

Moreover, they need to be aware of the differences and similarities between their own language and culture with the target ones. They need to appreciate and love English literature and develop critical thinking skills through literary subjects and discussions. Our students need to develop their writing skills through different writing tasks starting from capitalization, punctuation, writing simple sentences and paragraphs ending up with writing essays and research papers

In addition, learners need translation skills starting translating and interpreting simple sentences and developing into different types of paragraphs, short stories, chapters from books and seminars.


English department students also need some information on media language, project management, teaching EFL and literary criticism.

The methods of teaching and testing should be redesigned in a way that they focus on learning not transforming information.

The requirement for graduation should be either IELTS score (4 - 4.5), PTE score (40) or TOFEL (31-35) as agreed upon by the MHE committee.



The Learning Resources for the English Department 

1)    Sufficient teaching resources like language labs, equipment as well as qualified

2)    staff members

3)    Up-to-date computer equipment and software available to support electronic

4)    .access to resources and reference material

5)    A well-equipped library to support learning programs and research requirement.

6)    Agreements should be established for cooperation with other libraries and

7)    educational institutions for sharing resources and other services.