Knowledge University


2018-07-09 12:32:03

We are glad to announce the:-

First International Conference of Applied Science and Engineering-Erbil (ICASEE2019)

Which will start on 19-20/8/2019 

  • Announcement: January 01, 2019
  • Deadline for Full Paper Submission: July 01, 2019
  • Acceptance submission: August 01, 2019
  • Registration:  August 19, 2019 (09:00-10:00 AM)


Asst.Prof.Dr.Ahmed A. Amin
President of Salahaddin University
Prof.Dr.Himdad A. Muhammad
President of Knowledge University


 Organizing committee:-

 پ.د مصطفى صابر العطار

پ.ی.د هێرش عومه‌ر عبدالله

 پ.ی.د هيوا ياسين عبدالله

پ.ی.د نه‌ژاد احمد حسێن

د.عبدالقادر اسماعيل عبدالله 

پ.ی.د صفاء مصطفى حميد

پ.ی.د .عبدالكريم ياسين كريم

پ.ی.د عباس برهان قادر