Knowledge University

Board of Trustees

2018-07-09 10:43:55

Board of Trustees of Knowledge University

Founded in 10/09/2009, Knowledge University is an independent, non-sectarian, highly selective, coeducational university located in Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region. Knowledge University is an institution of national scope and quality.  Its goal is to provide a liberal education of the highest order to students of high intelligence, energy and enthusiasm.  It seeks to develop in them the power to read with critical perception, think coherently, write effectively, and speak with force and clarity so that they may become leaders of society.

The Board of Trustees of Knowledge University has seven members, and Mr. Abbas Fazil Abdulrahman is the President of the Board. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the governance of the University, serving to oversee and shape its broad policies.  The president and his or her senior staff are responsible for the implementation of University policy.

General Governance Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Board of Trustees of Knowledge University is to provide policy oversight that will enable to continue as a leading liberal arts college in the United States.

In that capacity, trustees must serve as fiduciaries to protect the financial, physical and other assets of the University, balancing the needs of current and future generations of University constituents.  Trustees have a responsibility to ensure that long-range planning is integrated into the Board and Committee processes.  

To perpetuate strong leadership of the University, trustees are responsible for selecting the President of the University; for providing advice on issues, operations, and staffing as required by the President; and for providing support for the President’s efforts. Trustees also provide constructive critique of the President on an ongoing basis and determine appropriate compensation for the President.