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Banking and Finance

2018-07-09 12:47:07

A description of the Banking and Finance department

The Department of Banking and Finance is one of the essential scientific departments at the college of Administrative and Financial Sciences. The banking and finance department has been established in the academic year (2012-2013). The administration of the knowledge university has paid special attention to this department through providing qualified and specialized academic staff in order to reinforce the educational process, develop and update curricula so as to be appropriate and stimulus to the student's intellectual abilities, necessities of country and market needs. The curriculum has been customized to provide a qualified alumina in terms of education, science, society and culture so as to be well prepared to work in the both governmental and private sector.

Objectives of the department

1. Providing qualified and specialized alumni in the field of banking and finance in order to carry out Banking and finance positions including in various fields of work: governmental, private and mixed.

2. Familiarize students and alumni with the concept of professional ethics and content that the alumni must know and practicing in the professional career, in addition, to motivate students and directing them to work towards developing their career after graduation.

3. Providing students with knowledge, modern and advanced information, related to the specialization of Banking and Finance.


Syllabus of Financial and Administrative Sciences college