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"Lessons learned from 25 years of dialogue"

2018-12-16 11:14:00

Online registration is now open!

Knowledge University will be holding a seminar titled 

"Lessons learned from 25 years of dialogue" 

The seminar will be presented by Dr. Samuel Richards & Dr. Laurie Mulvey from Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Samuel Richards is an award winning teacher and sociologist at Penn State University and the instructor of the largest race and cultural relations course (Soc 119) in the United States.

Dr. Laurie Mulvey is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the World in Conversation Center for Public Diplomacy at Penn State University.

The seminar is about

World in Conversation Center

With focus on the followings:

1. What happens in a dialogue
2. The importance of facilitators
3. How we train facilitators
4. How we use videoconferencing technology to speak with students in other countries
5. How students benefit from the experience

Here is a link that might be helpful to have more understanding of the center and the class the Dr. Richards teaches .

1. Register if you have good English language skills since the seminar and later talks will be in English.

2. Participating in this seminar will get you a chance to participate in future dialogues between our university and students from Penn state university (Facilitator).

3.The number of seats is limited, priority goes to those who register early.

You can register by filling this form bellow:



Date: 22\12\2018 Saturday

Time 12 pm

Venue: Knowledge University Conference hall