Knowledge University

Knowledge University (KNU) team wins the Academic Debate against Lebanese-French University(LFU)

2020-01-26 00:58:35

Every year there is a certain season of the academic year when academic debates thrive the most between universities, these discussions and debates tackle controversial topics in order to discover the abilities of students to collaborate, work as a team, develop their public speech skills, and show the extent of critical thoughts of the students who participate. This year, in the first round of debates KNU was up against Lebanese-French University(LFU). The students who participate are hand picked based on their language, communication, and critical thinking skills, their teamwork and, public speach skills. KNU participants were Mohammed Khabat Naif, a third stage students from college of Arts English department, Shahad Bahjat a second stage student from Petroleum engineering, Sivar Hassan a first stage student from Pathological Analysis and finally, Karwan Yusef Mohammed-Ameen a third stage student from department of law, all of whom were trained and guided by Mr. Mohammed kiani, Head of English Department at KNU. The debate took place at College of Basic Education in Salahadin University on the 22nd of January. The topic of discussion was “the impact of drama series on Kurdish society”whether there are positive of negative effects. As the debate unfolded, both teams displayed exquisite communication skills, shared ideas and information along with mannerism and etiquette. However, after the debate concluded and the opinions were shared, the jury members, a team of seven instructors from different universities, decided that the winner was Knowledge University team, and they will advance to the next stage where they will compete against Charmo University.