Knowledge University

A drama performed by English department students

2018-08-11 14:33:35

The students of English Department in Knowledge University perform a drama activity On 25 April, 2018. Under the supervision of Mr. Muhammad Kiani, one of the teachers of the department, and as a part of the interior activities and projects of the department, some students carried out a wonderful project of theatre. The drama was Shakespeare’s Macbeth that is written meantime the Renaissance. This play sheds light on the themes of occupation, power-corruption, bloodshed, manipulation, ambition and human complicatedness. The Plot of the play moves around a Scottish general who attempts all evil means to get into power and gain the throne of the King. The play, thus, contains ideas about ghosts, supernatural, psychological tensions, humanitarian feelings, revenge, and criminals. The play is educational for the students and aims to teach them morals. The students who performed the drama, had been trained and directed by experts for long times.