Knowledge University

“Local Scientific Journals....Concerns and Insights for Future Improvements”

2018-11-29 01:36:01

On Tuesday 27/11/2018, in the presence of Knowledge University president Prof.Dr.Himdad A. Mohammed and in cooperation with Kscien organization a workshop titled “Local Scientific Journals…Concerns and Insights for Future Improvements”  was held at the university’s conference hall at 10:30 am. The workshop was attended by approximately 176 researchers from various universities in the Kurdistan region. At the beginning of the workshop, the President of Knowledge University Prof.Dr.Himdad A. Mohammed presented a topic entitled "Introduction to the importance of publishing". Later, Dr.Hiwa Omer presented a topic entitled "Current Status of Local Scientific Journals" to the audience. The workshop was concluded with a number of other topics and exchange of opinions between the audiences.